Champion direct cutter

Build for industrial use.
Direct cut of WPS crops - peas - alfa alfa - grass etc.

Strong, simple and reliable.

Advanced details:

  • Choice of knifesystems

  • Variable speed on reel

  • Height adjustable reel (option)

  • Height adjustable rollers

Disc headers-”All Crop Headers” working width from 4.1m to  6.1m

Hydraulic variable reelspeed

Closed cam track with wide bearings

6,0 m/m heavy duty reel tines

Schumacher knifesystems:

Schumacher knifesystem, double stroke single knife, or single Stroke single knife, with or with out roller support bearings

Busatis Bidux knifesystems:

Busatis Bidux doubleknife system with both knifes moving. Up to 1000 double strokes per min. Adjustable springloaded guidearms with rubber bushings. Working width up to 6,5m. Closed oilbath gear with only 2 external greasing points.

Double knife Busatis Bidux and adjustable reelspeed to obtain maximum forward speed and perfect cut and regrowth.

Rotary disc cutterbars 10 discs or 12 discs. The symmetric turning direction of the mowing discs and their new flat design ensure optimal cutting pattern under all working conditions. Each mowing disc bearing can be dismantled individually from above, all intermediate wheels alongside can also be replaced through this opening.

Transmission Busatis Bidux telescopic or V-Belt, disc cutter. Telescopic and/or V-belt drive from forage harvester/carrier.

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