Busatis Bidux build in cutterbars

Busatis Bidux

The doubleknife system that secures a absolutely clean cut, even at speeds up to 14 km/h. With a minimum of powerconsumption, up to max. 2,2 KW per meter. Regrovth is due to the clean cut absolutely perfect, the stubble stays green. Working width up to 5,1 meter per set, up to 10,1 meter oer unit, with two wobleboxes. Excellent for cutting-windrowing grass-alfaalfa-rape-wholecrop-sunflowers-beans-peas-hedge up to stem diam. 25 mm etc.
Can be installed in traditionel headers, or work as a direct cutterbars. Mechanical or hydraulic driven wobleboxes, low maintenace costs. Can be supplied with electrohardened grinded knifes, or serated knifes, maintenance free.

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