Kemper Champion M460 NEW

The new Champion 460 with four big gatherer drums and two intake drums is a sturdily built, no-nonsense machine. With its working width of 6.0 metres it fits perfectly into the KEMPER product range. When harvesting maize over 4.0 metres, the 460 shows its real ability. The big gatherer drums ensure almost loss free feeding. Plants take a direct path towards the feed rolls of the forage harvester.

Row independent cutting system

Row independent cutting system with high speed cutting rotors and freewheel mechanism. Cuts across the entire cutting width by means of enclosed saw type rotor blades with replaceable segments. Fast rotating cutting rotors also cut under heavy circumstances, for example, weeds or whole crop silage.
Tungsten carbide coated saw type blades, manufactured with quality certification, self sharpening, lower load placed on clutches and transmissions. Available as service set.
The 460 range features special shaped cleaners. The sharp edged maize stubble is broken up by the cleaners placed under the cutting rotors. This not only protects the tyres of the forage harvester, but also speeds up the decomposition of the stubble.


Even crop intake, lengthwise to the main chopping unit and clean gathering with the two angled, step type intake drums across the entire channel width, ensures maximum use of the harvester's engine power.
This delivers maximum productivity, while producing optimum chop quality!


The machine is folded hydraulically to a transport width of 3 m. The transport guard is fitted with flashing lights and position lights. When folded, the cutting units may partially cover the headlamps on some self propelled forage harvesters. It may be necessary to re-position the headlamps to conform with the prevailing highway regulations. Counterweights must be fitted in compliance with applicable government inspection survey regulations.

Power system

With only 7 transmissions made from aluminium, the weight is reduced.

Maintenance free safety clutches.
All clutches are within the transmissions. Furthermore a liquid cooled friction clutch provides less wear.

Standard equipment.

The new mechanical lateral tilt with adjustable pull springs for optimum adaptation to ground surface and for even stubble length when working on sloping terrain. Ground unevenness is compensated and is not transmitted from the harvester to the implement. Independent of harvester and harvester main unit.

Bolt-on scrapers for attachment to either side for efficient removal of crop debris.

The flexible, high adjustable push bar optimises the plant guidance.

Hardly any losses because of the integrated maize cob savers in the gathering drums. The rings on top of the drum avoid the cobs falling through.

Liquid cooled friction clutch: The KEMPER solution for optimal power transmission prevents overheating, provides longer service life than standard type clutches - available as a field installed kit.

2 - speed transmission for optimised intake speed - especially with larger chopping lengths.

Technical specifications - Champion 460
Length: 2.78 m
width: 6.05 m
Height unfolded: 1.52 m
Height folded: 2.28 m
Working width: 6 m
Transport width: 3 m
Weight of basic machine approx.: 2750 kg

Brand/Type 460
Case CHX 520, CHX 620
Claas 850, 870, 890, 900, 890 and 900 Speedstar
New Holland FX 50, FX 60

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