Idass Pick ups

Working width 2,5 - 3,0 - 3,2 - 3,5 - 3,8 - 4,2 - 4,5m. The newly designed GE range is designed for users with the highest requirements for use in extreme conditions. Pick ups built with high quality materials with a long lifetime and very easy intervention. There is freedom to add a longitudinal transport system. An axle that attaches under the pick up and a foldable drawbar. In pick up position, weight is reduced to a minimum Single unit chassis designed for intensive work. Pick up diameter is identical to other Idass pick ups, but harvesting is finer because the distance between teeth is reduced to 75 mm for recut grass.
Simplified drive with a division gearbox. Variable speed drive. Floating large diameter tubular screw(4 mm thick) centrally reinforced for perfect drive regularity. Adjustable steels wheels under the pick up.

A simple basic concept header over a rigid chassis to respond to the efforts required by powerfull forage harvester.

Rounded metal wheels located under the header for the balance and afford a slipper on curved swath or harvest through ditches.

Safety transmission with double exit box adapted for the high power of the new self propelled forage harvesters.

Removeable axle kit and transport drawbar for travel on non-public roads and paths for GE 35 - 38 -42 - 45.

The hydraulic locker is located under the header. You can hook it on its trailer without angle problem and without any risk taken by the operator who can do it easy from the seat of the forage harvester.

Hydraulic base activated with a hand pump or direct from the forage harvester.

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